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A Sneak Peek Into My Kitchen
(and My Soul)

I was chopping an onion in my kitchen in November when the quiet voice spoke.

“I think I’m happy.”

So quiet. So content. So unobtrusive.

And so what I’d been wanting.

I’d been running a couple of experiments inside myself that no one else knew about or could see.

They were the catalysts that led to the happiness that I also call contentment.

One experiment I called Laying Down Anger, as in “to surrender your weapons.” This experiment entailed me laying down the thoughts and habits that fueled my anger, including the tacit belief that it was my job to let other people know things they were “doing wrong” ... (gross, I know. I know!).

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social skills
Article No. 1

An Over-the-Counter Antidepressant from God

Like every other day, today I went on a walk. A predictably enjoyable ritual. Today, however, rather than my normal music, audiobook, podcast, or audio sermon listen, I opted for quietness and reviewing some Bible verses I’d written down on cards and memorized mostly a long time ago.

One oldie but goodie sustained my attention a good mile and a half. An over-the-counter antidepressant from God. read more →