Impressive Self-Development Skills: Review #1 - Nurse Liz

07/25/20191 Min Read — In Personal Development Skill, Nursing, Coping Skills

Here's a question you won't hear people asking right after they get bad news:

"What's the best way to cope with my feelings?"

Especially if they’re saying:

  • My boyfriend just said he wants to "take a break"...
  • My kid was just diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum...
  • I was passed over for the "sure deal" promotion I'd been promised because it was given to the intern instead...

Why don't we ask "What's the best way to cope with my feelings" the moment bad news hits? Because we're in the thick of emotions, typically just reeling. Asking, why? Just trying to get our bearings as we line up what happened with what we thought was going to be.

We just want the bad news to go away and not be true.

Except what about when we need to begin our job right now, but we’re still shedding tears? Or when we need to walk in to our son's career class to present, while still feeling a rock of disappointment in our gut?

Sometimes we don't have the luxury of time, of moving through our emotions at a comfortable pace. Sometimes we just need to get to the place of not crying or decomposing in front of others. Sometimes we have to hit the hyperspace button and skip over the confusion and sadness so we can be the professional or the adult we need to be.

In that moment, it's sink or swim. We have to figure out how to cope, and fast! This is what Nurse Liz shows us how to do in this video cope quickly. Cope with integrity. Cope in a way that respects ourselves and those around us. In the video, I highlight the specific skills she uses so you can use them too.