The Happy Healthy Nurse

A proven training that helps smart, caring people-pleasers develop guilt-free self-confidence, learn to say "no," and get the time and energy they deserve.

Made specifically for nurses!

What if...
you could keep all the great things about being a people-pleaser
— being friendly, giving, caring about others —
but get rid of the downsides
— not being able to say "no," avoiding conflict, and never feeling good enough?

What if...

you could get all this just by upgrading the tools you have in your communication skills tool box?

More self-confidence. Less guilt. Feeling calm inside and out.
Looking composed instead of anxious in confrontations. Being able to say “no” and still being liked and respected.
Having time and energy for you.


The Happy, Healthy Nurse

The only program designed by a professional counselor with expertise in helping real nurses.

Hi, I’m Tricia Andor. I’m a self-development coach, and I help smart, caring people-pleasers develop guilt-free self-confidence, learn to say "no," and get the time and energy they deserve. Even if they have to be around difficult people or conflict.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I know which skills actually work. I’ve hand-picked the best and put them into a training and coaching program for you — The Happy, Healthy Nurse.

You’re a compassionate, hard-working nurse. You love helping people and making a difference in their lives. It’s why you went into nursing!

But let’s face it. You interact with a lot of people, and sometimes have to deal with difficult coworkers, management, or members of your own family.

And there are times when the people-pleasing ways of dealing with them — giving more... working harder…. being nicer —

Just don’t work.

You’re still not listened to. Your hard work isn’t appreciated more. Takers still take. You’re exhausted from trying to make people happy.

Let’s be honest. It takes a toll. After all, working so hard without seeing results can start to feel depressing.

It’s like carrying around a backpack full of rocks:

  • We get home from work and spend our “down” time hashing out what we should do about our uncommunicative manager, the gossip queen, or the bad-attitude coworker.
  • We’re there for others (loyal to the death!), but find we don’t have the support we need when we’ve got a problem of our own.
  • We obsess about how we could’ve said “no” to the rude physician asking a favor.
  • We stuff our feelings rather than tell our spouse we feel hurt by something they said.
  • We feel bad because we gave in (again!) to our child’s demands.
  • We walk around with a knot in our gut anytime we have a disagreement or conflict with someone.
  • We keep working harder in a relationship (with someone who’s good at taking), but nothing gets better.
  • We’re always feeling guilty. About not doing more. About decisions. About wanting to do anything for ourselves.

Thing is, as great as people-pleasers are, the people-pleasing methods aren’t so great.

Unless we get some new tools for dealing with others and ourselves, we’ll keep experiencing the same thing over and over: being motivated by guilt, not having enough time, feeling anxious any time there’s a conflict.

We see people who can say “no” and who communicate their needs kindly and without guilt -- and we think they were born that way. Calm, cool, and collected.

But what these people have are skills. The exact same skills that you too can learn.

I know, because I’ve been there and I’ve helped hundreds of others who have been there.

We too, can learn new skills that get us on track for the life we know we were meant for.

We don’t have to wait for other people to change. We can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. We can get rid of the negative sides to being a people-pleaser. We just have to learn the right skills.

Welcome to

The Happy, Healthy Nurse

The exclusive program that helps you develop guilt-free self-confidence, learn how to say “no,” and get the time and energy you deserve.

What will I learn?

In The Happy, Healthy Nurse you’ll learn how to:

  • Say no without feeling guilty, and without being a jerk.
  • Have more self-confidence from having the right communication tools to draw upon with difficult people.
  • Have better self-esteem as a result of trusting the decisions you make.
  • Communicate effectively with coworkers and family members -- even when there’s different opinions or hurt feelings.
  • Remain composed during conflict.
  • Come across as cool and collected when dealing with someone with a bad attitude.
  • Avoid getting sucked into gossip.
  • Stay calm when annoyed, hurt, or anxious.
  • Manage your feelings so you don’t show you’re nervous during a disagreement.
  • Communicate using calm, assertive communication, rather than a passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive communication communication style.
  • Gain the respect of others.
  • Celebrate your gifts of people skills, sensitivity, and compassion! :)

How does it work?

Over an 8 week time frame, you will receive 8 videos and eight corresponding discovery worksheet packets where I teach you a new skill.

During that same 8 week time frame, you get 8 individual coaching sessions with me for 30 minutes each -- one per week throughout training.

Once per week during the 8-week training you also have the opportunity to join a group call, where all participants get to share struggles and successes in their skill-building.

What will I get with The Happy, Healthy Nurse?

Support and community so you don’t have to go it alone.

During your one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll get my input and support. That means once every week, you'll have my undivided attention to help you learn how to use each new skill using your unique personality and strengths. The individual calls are an ideal time to ask any question you may have about your specific situation.

During the group calls, you get to gather weekly with other nurses just like you who are learning the same skills at the same time. This community is an oasis of support, encouragement, and learning from one another. There’s also Q&A time on every call, when you can directly ask me questions.

With a community and personalized support, you don’t have to do this alone!

The expertise of a professional

Get a proven skills from a Licensed Professional Counselor who has the training and experience to know what actually works, rather than mere theories about what works.

I’ve helped hundreds of people with different personalities, income levels, and personal challenges implement the exact skills you will learn in the Happy, Healthy Nurse!

Convenience — work at your own pace

Watch the weekly videos and complete the discovery worksheets at times that fit your schedule. If you can’t participate in a group call, they are recorded and can be listened to at your convenience.

The training is self-paced and you get to keep the materials forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee that the training will work for me?

  • Every person that I’ve seen apply the skills in the Happy, Healthy Nurse has experienced more self-confidence, a greater ability to say “no,” and less guilt. However, if it doesn’t work for you, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try the entire course, and if you don’t see any results, just show me you did the work and I’ll refund 100% of what you paid.
  • Note: The course is specifically designed for those who will follow through with the suggested homework and challenges. Because success with the training depends upon personally taking action, showing you’ve done the work is requirement to receiving a refund.

Can’t I just learn this on my own?

  • Yes, probably. However, if you’re like most people, a number of problems could make you stall out.
    • Problem One: Not being able to figure out what skills you need. A google search tends to yield self-help information that is: theoretical (difficult to apply to real life), bizarre, incorrect, or incomplete. The next almost-free thing is a self-help book. But which to pick amongst the hundreds of thousands? And how to apply what you read?
    • Problem Two: Stalled momentum. Without a system and supportive community, most of us just don’t tend to follow through with even the best of intentions.
    • Problem Three: It’s hard to have perspective about our own lives. Individual and group coaching calls are there to bring you an outside perspective to help.
  • Even if one was able to figure everything out on his or her own, it seems like a long process, cobbling everything together.

What if I have to miss a call? What if I fall behind?

  • The lessons are released every week, and are designed to be completed on your own schedule that week. If you can’t make the time for the group calls, no problem, they’re recorded and you can listen at a time that’s convenient for you. There are multiple times available to sign up for individual calls.
  • If you fall behind, no problem, you can work at your own pace. You’ll have access to the materials for life.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take this course?

The training is made for nurses who — although they might feel nervous or hesitant — are willing to take the steps suggested to develop communication skills that increase self-confidence.

The training is not a good fit for folks who don’t want to learn about themselves, and don’t want to put new skills into practice. It’s also probably not a good fit for those who think problems should take care of themselves.

What others are saying

People think I’ve got the world by the tail. But inside, I’m all mush. Tricia helped me learn how to let go of the things that I felt hurt by throughout the day, without exposing to my colleagues how soft I felt inside.

Marissa, 27 year-old

Never would have guess that this training would result in my having more “me time,” but it did. Last week I signed up for a yoga class I never had time for! I had no idea how much time and energy saying yes to everyone had been consuming.

Amy, 45 year-old

I learned a lot of things, but the thing I cherish the most is that I’m nicer to myself.

Ericka, 36 year-old